856 – Sweet, Soft and Lazy

We had another wonderful, sunny day in Carinthia, and again I have chosen to not go out photographing.

I’m tired at the moment. It’s not a lack of creativity, it’s a lack of motivation. Whatever I did these two days, I did it slowly, almost had to force myself. I guess I’m slightly overworked.

It felt good staying at home though, essentially doing nothing. I had made some images at about 11 am, when I went to the local baker’s shop, nothing really usable, so I used the last rays of sun coming in through the living room window.

Technically the image is strongly overexposed and then in the highlights overlayed with a strongly blurred version. Works fine to bring back smooth gradients. Of course this is surgery, but the result has more of the original atmosphere than an HDR would have, and it is dirt cheap to make as well.

The Song of the Day, “Sweet, Soft ‘N’ Lazy”, is from Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo. At the beginning of the 90’s she (yes, Viktor Lazlo is a woman) was very popular in Europe, but although she has continued to make music and seemingly still does, she could never repeat her early successes.

The album that I have is not available any more. The nearest thing is “Canoë Rose/Pleurer des Rivières”, having almost the same list of songs. Hear her live on YouTube. And while you’re at it, why not hear “Pleurer des rivières“, her wonderful french version of “Cry Me A River”?

2 thoughts on “856 – Sweet, Soft and Lazy”

  1. What a romantic mastery of the color palette. I can hear Brahms in the background… Yep, regardless of your choice for the day’s music, what I hear is Brahms.

  2. Brahms. Hmm … one of the dark places on my map. On my journey through the history of music I have omitted Brahms mostly. Can’t say why. The German Requiem is probably the only Brahms I have.

    Anyway. Tapping into the matrix I immediately found op. 49, the Lullaby 🙂 Well, guess more that than the Requiem, right 😕

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