852 – Innocent When You Dream

This is the second day that I try this shot, it’s time to post it now, it won’t get any better. Tuesday morning I tried it with the Sigma 20/1.8, yesterday morning I did it with the Nikon 24/2.8. Not that anybody would care. Rather odd way to introduce a new lens, huh?

There are many ways I could have gone in post-processing, B&W would have been one of them, and even there I would have had a hard time deciding between “Infrared” and “Maximum Black”. I finally settled with color, because I wanted it to be more like a strange, undecided dream than like a nightmare.

The Song of the Day is “Innocent When You Dream” from Tom Waits’ 1987 album “Franks Wild Years”.

YouTube has a brilliant live performance with questionable sound quality, and it is outright the best version that I’ve ever heard. You don’t want to miss it, if for nothing else, then for the introduction.