848 – The Bunker

Today weather was as unpleasant as it could be. Steady drizzles to heavy rains, eating away the new snow that has fallen during the week, but cold enough not to melt the old snow.

I was out there just once for the supermarket, made some images there and in front of the house, not overly inspired, and finally gave up. This is the kind of weather where you may be lucky and get a spectacular sky, but there is absolutely no chance in predicting anything.

If it happens, and if by chance you happen to be in the right place, a wonderful image may come together, although the time is very short, because these images were all shot at around what would have been sundown on a brighter day.

I suppose up on the mountain it must have been very beautiful, because there the precipitation certainly came down as snow, but I did not dare driving up the road.

The Image of the Day was shot down in the garage. There is a ramp leading up, and I took some shots of of the light coming in through the grated windows. This near-square is what survived.

The Song of the Day is “The Bunker” from Beirut’s spectacular 2006 album “Gulag Orkestar”. If youz don’t already have it, don’t forget to hear it on YouTube. It’s well worth your time. Sorry, no lyrics available.

3 thoughts on “848 – The Bunker”

  1. your picture language with those powerful diagonals is really convincing – seems you have really found a distinctive personal style here.
    Here the combination of that lines with the red shapes works especially well.

  2. Ah, so finally someone who likes that image 🙂

    I could probably have used one of the other two, but I really like how the colors came out. It does not look like a complicated process, but there were quite some layers involved until I had the saturation where I wanted it, pumped local contrasts in the concrete, and so on.

    Hmm … still reminds me of the underground structures in the game “Far Cry” though. Must keep out of sight of those damn helicopters 🙂

  3. I personally really enjoy the picture of the day. The angle is fantastic, the light is perfect, and the feeling is one of general spookiness that honestly intrigues me. Good stuff, Andreas.

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