Jan 142009

Sorry, but Daily sometimes can’t mean daily. Monday I was lazy, and yesterday, when I had my images processed, one for Monday, two for yesterday, my Internet service provider failed. HTTP works, I can read everything, but HTTPS failed upon connecting to any secure server, local as well as abroad. Fishy? Maybe, at least I can’t imagine why of all protocols layered upon TCP/IP exactly HTTPS should fail, and obviously “on the wire”. Call me paranoid, but for me this looks like someone incompetent installing or testing an eavesdropping system. Oh well, we are all terrorists, ain’t we?

Anyway, without HTTPS, I can’t login anywhere, can’t post anything. See you this evening.

  2 Responses to “No Connection”

  1. yep, your suspicion could be right. to prepare a man-in-the-middle attack might need some more intelligence than available in certain institutions…

    btw. do you know the an example for an oxymoron? military intelligence. (quote Walter Matthau)

  2. Good one 🙂

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