840 – The Crossing Place

You know me mostly for my cityscapes and for vast landscapes. Well, today I can only offer you a specimen of a slightly lesser category. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce

The SidewalkscapeTM

Well, at least that’s what caught my attention when I left work in a hurry, on my way to the train 🙂

It’s another square. The squares come pretty naturally now, and I guess it’s much like I do with lenses: I stick to one for a time, do it almost exclusively, and then, at one moment I suddenly go on and do something different.

It used to be the Sigma 50/1.4 for a long time, now it’s the Sigma 20/1.8 again, but in general I seem to use it more traditionally, less as a macro, not all the time exploiting shallow depth of field.

The Song of the Day is a jazz piece by Norwegian sax player Jan Garbarek. It’s called “The Crossing Place” and is from his 1984 album “It’s OK to Listen to the Gray Voice”. Deezer has the album.

2 thoughts on “840 – The Crossing Place”

  1. I love the abstraction of this. It’s so hard to gauge the scale, it keeps me looking to try and parse what I’m seeing. My mind goes back and forth from macro to micro, similar to the famous vase/face image.

  2. Interesting, but I like that. For me it’s mostly vague directions, traces that come from somewhere and go somewhere else. Like people who come play a role in our life and then go on to play a role in somebody else’s life.

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