834 – Winter Swamp

Today weather was indecisive. It began with fog, later we had some raindrops, some snowflakes, no fog but high clouds, freshly fallen but wet snow, actually more water than snow, in short: everything that makes you want to be at home, nothing that lures you out for photographing.

I had some business in Klagenfurt, and later, on the way back to Villach, I took some side roads, hoping for inspiration and the odd photo opportunity.

The first time I left the car to take some images of snow covered logs, I immediately stepped into wet mud covered by a thin layer of wet snow. Somehow the moment was spoiled beyond hope. Some kilometers ahead I saw a swamp that I had never recognized as such in summer, and there I made the last photos for today.

Swamp” from the 1983 Talking Heads album “Speaking in Tongues” is the Song of the Day. See them perform live on YouTube.