831 – Just One Of Those Things

Not much inspiration in the morning, nasty rain in the evening. I found a pattern in some of my images made yesterday (it’s morning now, I should be off to work), it may be worth pursuing it further, but so far nothing usable came from it. In the meantime I leave you with just one of those things 🙂

It’s the same bike that we saw in “819 – Early In The Morning“, only I found a better solution to the problem of the garbage container. That the pose is better doesn’t hurt either.

Do you remember the 1990 AIDS benefit album “Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter”? It was a collection of Porter songs recorded by the some leading artists of the time, most of them at the progressive end of the spectrum, most of them still recording. If you don’t have it, go for it. It’s that good, at least if you’re open minded enough to let these people have their fun with the icon Cole Porter 🙂

Just One Of Those Things” was the second part of a track recorded by Kristy MacColl and The Pogues, the first part being “Miss Otis Regrets“, and how this is blended together is amazing all by itself. YouTube even has a video.