829 – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

These are Monday images. You see, the week begins and I’m already a day behind.

Bicycles always come easy, and especially a poser like this, dropping a curtsy. Does it look cute?

The mannequin in the Image of the Day was standing on the sidewalk in front of a second hand shop. I took several shots and finally kept the one with the people in the background.

I actually put quite some work into the image this morning, because the light was mixed and no straight conversion would give satisfying colors throughout the image. I ended up with a composite of two versions from the same RAW, plus several of Photoshop’s photo filters.

When The Kinks sing of a “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion“, they sing about a man, but I guess the title fits quite well. I have the song on their current collection, called “Kinks (The Ultimate Collection)”. Well, “ultimate” sounds quite final, but don’t fear, it will certainly be followed by some “Platinum” or “Mega-Gold” collection eventually.

YouTube has the album version and a live video from 1973.

3 thoughts on “829 – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion”

  1. Terrific capture Andreas! Love the point of view, composition and color of this one!


  2. I really like this. Wonderful composition. The people in the background add to it’s cinematic quality.

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