822 – Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself

OK, I can post again. Maybe the police can now read all my passwords, use my credit card and know my secrets, but I’ll be lenient and give it away to them freely 🙂

This image was taken Monday evening in a near park on my way from work. It’s a homely cage for the kids to play ball games in. You may have seen it at least here and there. The building in the background is our Ministry of Justice.

The Song of the Day is “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself” from Morrissey’s 1994 album “Vauxhall and I”. You see, searching for a title, I had the notion of a labyrinth, a jail, the wish to find my way out, and when looking for a song with “find”, this one turned up, it was an all different meaning, but it’s OK as well. Morrissey is right: you can only accept shared experience to a certain degree, everything else you’ll have to find out for yourself. That’s the game of growing up, that’s human nature, that’s just the way it goes.

YouTube has many concert videos, I’ll mention only two: one earlier from about the time when the album was released, and one, judging by his age, from his recent tour. I like both, but the latter is nearer to my heart.

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