820 – Freezing II

Today I had lots of little things to do in Klagenfurt, Villach and elsewhere. I got to take some photos though, two from while I was still at home shown here.

I’ve experimented a little with the effect of viewing the world through frosted glass, and I believe there’s a lot more to explore.

Both images had elaborate post-processing, this one to get a more surreal effect, while the Image of the Day comes through pretty naturally looking, but of course it had a fair lot of adjustments as well.

Like all the other images since Tuesday, these were shot using Sigma’s 20/1.8.

One more time the Song of the Day is “Freezing“. Lyrics by Suzanne Vega, music by Philip Glass, the beautiful voice by Linda Ronstadt. It’s from the 1990 album “Songs from Liquid Days”.

We had this song in “450 – Freezing” and we already had the title song in “209 – Liquid Days“. Hear “Freezing” on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “820 – Freezing II”

  1. Hi Andreas,
    wonderful picture! I love frozen glass since I was a child and watched it for hours! And I love Philip Glass, what a wonderful couple! Sunny greetings

  2. I love the perspective in #2, and the disorienting juxtaposition of near and far such that I can’t tell which is which.

  3. #2 is really strong: the leading lines, the areas with different patterns, the color transitions and that feeling of being left in space – all that makes me look quite some time at this shot. Well done.

  4. Wow, a strikingly beautiful image, and “Freezing” is my favorite song from one of my all-time favorite albums.

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