Dec 232008

I’m very short of time. It’s past 8am and I want to make a trip to Italy today, thus we’ll keep it short.

This image was shot yesterday at sundown. I had hoped for something more spectacular in the south-western sky, and it may have happened indeed, at least from what I saw later, down in the valley, but that was completely unpredictable at the time. Shortly after I had taken this image, the clouds closed. It was a mistake to leave so early, but I am not entirely unsatisfied.

The lake down in the valley is Millstädter See, one of Carinthia’s bigger lakes.

It is nothing new that Jon Lord has symphonic ambitions, and the Song of the Day, “The Mountain-Sunset”, is not really a song, rather a symphonic piece from his 1999 album “Pictured Within”. Sorry, I’ve got no sound samples today.

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