801 – Mountain Sunset

I’m very short of time. It’s past 8am and I want to make a trip to Italy today, thus we’ll keep it short.

This image was shot yesterday at sundown. I had hoped for something more spectacular in the south-western sky, and it may have happened indeed, at least from what I saw later, down in the valley, but that was completely unpredictable at the time. Shortly after I had taken this image, the clouds closed. It was a mistake to leave so early, but I am not entirely unsatisfied.

The lake down in the valley is Millst√§dter See, one of Carinthia’s bigger lakes.

It is nothing new that Jon Lord has symphonic ambitions, and the Song of the Day, “The Mountain-Sunset”, is not really a song, rather a symphonic piece from his 1999 album “Pictured Within”. Sorry, I’ve got no sound samples today.