800 – I Went To The Water’s Edge

Wow, time goes by. Can you believe it? Another pretty even number 🙂

I’ll be in Carinthia for the next two weeks, thus you may see some more winter landscapes. This one is from today’s short trip round Faaker See. I originally wanted to photography south of the lake, near Mittagskogel (the big snowy mountain in the image below, you know it by now), and the first image was the safety shot that I took, in case I would not find anything usable at my destination.

Actually that’s exactly how it finally turned out, but when I returned, rounding the lake from the other side, I came by another safe spot where the road meets the lake and where there is even a good place to park the car. There I shot another series of images into a nice winter sundown.

Normally I would have used the Sigma 10-20 or maybe the Nikon 18-200 VR in such a situation, as a zoom can be very convenient for landscape shooting, but I had still packed my bag from yesterday with nothing but primes and the Nikon 70-300 VR, my widest lens being the Sigma 20/1.8, and so I used that in today’s images.

In image #1 I had used a polarizer, and in both images I used a split neutral density filter for the sky.

I could have probably waited a little longer, the sky did some pretty spectacular things while I drove home, but after ten minutes of crouching awkwardly on the rocks at the shore, perfectly dressed in a T shirt, with everything else safely stored in the car, all the while shooting and holding the filter in front of the lens, I felt stiff and cold and simply didn’t want to wait any longer.

The Song of the Day is “Water’s Edge” from Cyndi Lauper’s 2005 album “The Body Acoustic”. Very recommendable. See a video on YouTube.

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  1. Your lead image seems to be the stuff of Austrian legend. I can imagine some great ghost ship pulling out of fog… filled with grinning giants… formidable yet noble agents of some forgotten gods. The beginning of an epic.

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