796 – The Conductor

In a comment on Juha’s blog I have announced to fail miserably today. Well, it turned out better than I expected. I photographed this somewhat lively car this morning near our parliament.

There is no Song of the Day today, at least not in the strictest sense. But, just have a look at this video of John Eliot Gardiner conducting Mozart’s “Requiem”, then recall today’s image. Hope it gives you a smile 🙂

Btw: if yesterday we had a nice match of image and album cover, today is probably the worst in this regard. Still, of my recordings of Mozart’s Requiem, this is probably one of the better.

Have you ever seen Gardiner conduct live? I had the pleasure three years ago. Beethoven, Symphonies nos 6 and 7. Quite remarkable and a fantastic unity of orchestra and conductor. It was almost spooky, like Gardiner pulling strings.

Remarkable, indeed.

One thought on “796 – The Conductor”

  1. The image is indeed lively, great to see such a comeback from a predicted failure.

    There is definitely something similar with the photo and a conductor waving his baton in front of the orchestra.

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