795 – Esta triste cancion

Late! Late! I’m so late! Let’s make this quick once again. Actually it’s early in the morning and I should be on my way way to work 🙂

Do you ever forget resetting white balance? Monday I had used a custom white balance, something very cool, and when I made my first shot yesterday morning, an image of a chair and a plank that had been placed by a construction worker to reserve a parking lot, it came out with false colors – and I liked it.

The other image, the Image of the Day, is again a bicycle on the streets of Vienna, a very sad one this time. See the drooping head? Do we see tears? And what’s the story behind? Maybe the answer is in the Song of the Day, a very sad song called “La Pistola Y El Corazon” from Los Lobos’ stellar 1988 album of the same name. See them live on YouTube.

Well, OK, OK, maybe it’s a little contrived, but does this cover match nicely 😕

4 thoughts on “795 – Esta triste cancion”

  1. the contrasting colors here are absolutely marvellous. And, definitely influenced by your choice of title, I can envisage here an expressive chansonneuse or maybe a fado singer (not Mariza, she’d be too young) in a pose I guess I’ve seen on a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec.

  2. Actually they are quite common. If you only use a bike to move within a city, you don’t really need 20 gears, do you? People like these bicycles because they are incredibly sturdy and uncomplicated. Of course there is some reaction of the manufacturers, and today such bicycles are built again because the market demands them.

  3. The single gear bikes are popular in American urban areas too (for the same reason). Particularly among the bike messengers. At least here on the east coast, anyway. What’s unique to my eye was the style of light on the front of the bike – that’s not as common here 🙂

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