Dec 162008

It’s insanely late again. Let’s keep this short.

This is a detail from a shop window that I saw today. I have no idea what they sell, but the miniatures fascinated me.

Just like some days ago the Song of the Day is “Walking After Midnight“, but this time not by the Cowboy Junkies, this time it’s Madeleine Peyroux on her 1996 album “Dreamland”. I found it on Saturday, when by chance I stumbled into the local store of a media and electronics chain.

And now good night 🙂

  3 Responses to “794 – Walking After Midnight II”

  1. Hey, that Madeleine Peyroux, she can sing.

    I mean, she can *really* sing.

  2. Saw her live in 2007, very good.

  3. Yeah, she’s good. Many people dislike her on the grounds that she sounds a lot like Billie Holiday, but: it could be worse, couldn’t it?

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