785 – Cold Winter Blues

When I saw this low lying fog yesterday afternoon, I recognized that the view from my window would not suffice this time. I mounted the Nikon 70-300 VR, went 30 meters from the house, positioned myself so that the tracks in the snow, the sign on the hardware store in the background and the building would properly align, and shot a series of images at f13.

Of course what came out of the camera completely lacked contrast and color. Photoshop did a good job though.

The Song of the Day is “Cold Winter Blues” by Kokomo Arnold. I have it on disc 48 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, and you can also get it on “Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 (1936-1937)“.
Sorry, no lyrics, no video. It may not be a hit these days 🙂

3 thoughts on “785 – Cold Winter Blues”

  1. Andreas, everyday your pictures inspire and amuse me. Your style is unique and refreshing. Thank you for being so devoted to photography and to your blog.

    ~Thomas Kinsfather
    California, USA

  2. Thomas, thank you very much. It is always an amazing experience to see new people come here, commenting, coming back. I wish you a happy weekend!


  3. How can there be snow? Only yesterday it was Spring. Only minutes ago I was… was working on an image of a rose. Only seconds… seconds back it seems I was in shorts and sandals. Out on my bike cruising the rolling hills of Lancaster County.

    How… oh how can there be snow?

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