784 – Sunny Weather

In winter the sun is always low. I shot this image today at about 8:40am. It was nice, sunny weather, but in the canyons of our streets we are in shadow through most of winter.

I can’t really tell what drew me to this composition and to take the image in the first place. There were bright reflections on top of the buildings, contrast was extremely high and pretty much beyond hope. It was more a wish that made me do it, because rationally I knew that it would come out … as it did. Pale, contrasty, and I knew that it would not at all express my yearning for the golden light up there.

Being a tad short on images like on most Fridays, I had already processed and uploaded another image, when I suddenly decided to give it a try anyway. This is a blend of three different versions from the same RAW file, augmented by a host of other Photoshop tricks, but the result actually pleases me. In fact it even looks much better than reality 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Sunny Weather” from Lisa Ekdahl’s 2002 album “Heaven Earth & Beyond”. See a video on YouTube.