779 – Night Comes On II

I suppose you know the view from my study by now 🙂

We had this view in two very different morning images, “755 – That Moment“, two weeks later, “767 – Frosty Morning Blues I“, and today it’s an evening image. I fully recognize that this series will eventually have to come to an end, but I guess one or two more can’t hurt 🙂

Today we had the antithesis of typical photo weather. It was raining all of the day in varying degrees, but it was still cold enough that the rain only managed to compress the snow. You know, I am not picky when it comes to going out with the camera, but sometimes even my ambition has an end.

This image was shot from the tripod through the open window. I have shortly tried to post-process it, but quickly found out that there was not much that I could contribute after the fact. This is the JPEG straight from the camera.

Funny, I had already chosen the title, looked up all the videos and the other links, when I recognized that I have used this title just recently. Anyway, I’ll keep it at that, the Song of the Day is again “Night Comes On“, originally from Leonard Cohen’s 1985 album “Various Positions”. Hear it on YouTube, either Cohen’s version or nice cover by “The Avalanche Quartet“. Their version is from the album “Leonard Cohen Songs“. Very recommendable for sure.

One thought on “779 – Night Comes On II”

  1. Exploring the same view in many different days/hours gives nice results. This picture is awesome, the colours just fit in. I love the mercury light colour…
    Again… Nice Job…

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