777 – Everything Is Broken

Let’s say this is another typical Friday: late at work, in a hurry in the morning, in a hurry while on my way to the train, short on images as usual.

I could have gambled and hoped for a nice night image with snow falling, and although Villach had snowfall since the morning and the chances are not too bad, I decided to play safe. Tomorrow I’ll have to get up early, and here on the train I have enough time to get creative 🙂

This is an image that I shot in the morning in the staircase of the house where I live. Don’t ask me what I thought while post-proceessing, honestly, I can’t tell. This is one of those images that “happen” while I explore.

I tried some things, kept some, dismissed others, and overall I like what I’ve got. But even if I can’t tell you what this image means to me, probably you could tell me what it means to you, will you?

The Song of the Day is “Everything Is Broken“, but not in the version originally released on the 1985 Bob Dylan album “Oh Mercy”, no, we’ll take the alternate version on the 2008 official bootleg album “Tell Tale Signs”. Great album, just don’t buy the completely overpriced three CD edition. This is not for fans, it’s for idiots 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “777 – Everything Is Broken”

  1. Hey, the result that “happened” to you is very nice!! What is the red point on the left??
    Sunny greetings

  2. A light switch. Took me quite some shots to center it between wall corner and railing while trying to keep everything straight. It’s a tad of an awkward position in a semi-crouch 🙂

    F1.4 made it too much out of focus, f2.8 was just right.

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