775 – Long Distance Call

Here we go again. It’s winter time, and the worst thing is not the cold, no, it’s the light, or rather the lack thereof. I leave home in the morning either in a cruel, gray mock of dawn, or I am so much in a hurry, that I have to bypass photographing at all.

In the evening, when I leave work, the sun is already gone. In fact, it would hardly suffice to leave work at 3pm to get some last light, and that’s not an option most of the time.

So, what can I do? It’s the time to turn to experiments, city lights, shop windows, and to see what I can get. Yesterday was “shopping day”. Most of the images that I made were from shop windows in Lerchenfelder StraรŸe and Neubaugasse.

The Song of the Day is “Long Distance Call” from the 2002 David Gray album “A New Day at Midnight”. Well, not so bad a name these days ๐Ÿ™‚

See a video live in Sheffield on YouTube. This is a slower version than on the album. Another video from Cleveland is more like the album version, but has pretty unbearable sound.

6 thoughts on “775 – Long Distance Call”

  1. Do I see certain inclinations? Well done, especially for this dark time of the year. But this does serve a purpose, because we would probably only very seldom turn to this sort of motives, being there to develop our power of vision (this is meant self-conjuring, as I also tend to mourn winter’s loss of daylight for photography purposes)

  2. I’ve mentioned this before to you… You have not sufficiently explored table top ideas Or, as in this stunning retro image, the minutia of tabletop details. You’ve found an epic story in this magical antique. Everything about this is powerful Andreas: form, shape, texture… and the palette – WOW!

    Inside allows you so much more control… I hope you’ll take advantage of the winter to explore it. Use the tray table on the train with your macro lenses.

  3. Ted definately has a point, those colors are as powerful as ever. Great, warm, somewhat nostalgic photo…

    Taking about light: Mh, the last natural light that I’ve seen must have been around September…;)

  4. Love that phone!

    Don’t know what else to say, except, maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s the composition, maybe it’s the light…or maybe, just maybe, it’s the total package. Yea, I think that’s it.

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