774 – He’s Gone Away

Well, on we go with this series inspired by Bill Birtch and Juha Haataja, this time done in-camera, with the exception of straightening, vignetting and some color excesses 🙂

Today’s image was shot only maybe 50 meters from yesterday’s, and I did it in a, well, kinda random way. In fact, I was moving the camera up and down while walking. Must have been a sight, really 🙂

I did a whole bunch of such today, some similarly experimental, some rather conventional. Most of them I’ve thrown away, either immediately or at home, but of those that remained, I want to share two others.

The first is conventional. A night scene on the streets of Vienna, but with a nice distribution of lights and colors, and most of all with that wonderful pattern in the clouds, just in the right position. This was the first or second image in a series, some of them had more interesting people, better sharpness, whatever, but none could remotely match these clouds.

The other image is of an hour later. It was full night now, and I played around with a subject that I use every once in a while: reflections of lights on a car, shot wide open, focused near, in front of a background of blurred lights. This last image is right out of the camera, with no post-processing at all.

The Song of the Day is from another CD that I’ve bought Saturday afternoon. It’s the old song “He’s Gone Away“, sung by Tanya Haden on “Rambling Boy”, an album by “Charlie Haden, Family and Friends”, friends including Pat Metheny and Elvis Costello among many others. See a video about the album on Amazon’s page.

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  1. While the first is beautiful, I especially love the third image. And no post-processing?! What a treat that must have been.

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