773 – Trains And Winter Rains

Pretty obvious that I’m back to Vienna, huh?

Post-processing of this night image of yesterday is inspired by the recent work of Bill Birtch. My original idea to set the camera to long exposures in the range of one or two seconds and to use in-camera motion blur came from seeing recent entries on Juha Haataja‘s blog, and of course such experiments were greatly evangelized by Marti Jeffers and Craig Tanner.

Seems like community is not an empty word. Thanks to you all 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Trains And Winter Rains“, the single from the new Enya album “And Winter Came”. See the video on YouTube. Isn’t it a nice trend that labels begin to creatively use YouTube instead of trying to sue them?

3 thoughts on “773 – Trains And Winter Rains”

  1. Thanks for pointing to my blurry photos.

    I like the feeling in this capture, there is a kind of uniqueness to it, clearly separating it from most “vehicles streaming past” type photos.

  2. strong in using the crossing lines and shapes of color. The tilted vertical adds quite some dynamic.

  3. Hi Andreas,

    I just watched the movie Transsiberian last night (absolutely loved it) so seeing this post of yours today is a synchronicity. I love images like this where there is a strong grounding in normal realty but the passage of time is also definitely implied. Beautiful layered composition and rich color that gives my eyes a lot of places to go and my heart a lot of things to feel….. Craig

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