771 – And Winter Came

Just this morning I read Ted’s blog entry about snow outside his library window, and I saw a beautiful morning outside of mine, wrote a mocking comment and then drove around the corner to the baker’s, fetching breakfast. Suddenly it occurred to me that it was much colder than yesterday, and just when I left the shop, I saw some tiny snow flakes. Wow!

Most of the day was dull and gray then. In the early afternoon I drove to the local computer and media store to get a replacement for the Logitech MX Revolution mouse that I had bought yesterday and that had lasted for only an hour. Obviously the laser diode had died, as all buttons and wheels worked perfectly, but the mouse pointer would not move. Kinda pointless.

I got the replacement and then only wanted to get some CDs by the Cowboy Junkies, a Canadian group that I had been completely ignorant of and that I had learned to like while browsing Bill Birtch’s blog this morning.

By the way, Bill did some amazing work with motion blurs lately. Very original, definitely worth seeing, for instance this, that and other entries of these days. If you’re not already following his blog (which would be a good idea anyway), I really urge you to have a look.

OK. Forget local dealers when you want something specific. I did not get anything, but I still got out with a bunch of CDs. Oh well!

But when I did come out: there was beautiful sunshine, strong colors and a dark sky. Suited me fine. I took some images right outside the shop, some in a rural environment some kilometers away, and some when I was already driving home. This is one of those last images. The last rays of sunlight came in low through a small opening in the clouds. Well, tomorrow should be sunny, and from then on real snow is predicted. North of the alps, in Salzburg and Vienna, there was even snow today. Not a soft reminder like here, no, real, real snow.

The Song of the day, “And Winter Came”, is the instrumental opening piece of Enya’s new album of the same name. If you can spare 12 minutes of time, YouTube has an official interview with her about the album, her method of working and her career in general. Of course there is plenty of music as well. Enjoy.

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  1. This would explain the spike in the number of visitors I’ve had today. Thanks for the plug Andreas.

  2. Forgot to comment on the picture which made me smile – I was expecting some real snow – we recieved 15cm just a couple of days ago. Now that’s winter.

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