767 – Frosty Morning Blues I

Frost morning blues #1? Yes, I guess this will go on for some time now. This night it should have around or below zero centigrades. I don’t know if I manage to get up, but I plan to deliver the next one in this series tomorrow morning.

It’s interesting, there are only 12 days between this image and another morning image with almost identical composition, but it could be ages. I guess from late spring through summer we will see spectacular sunrises through this window. Let’s hope this meadow and the field beyond stay open as long as I live here.

The Song of the Day is “Frosty Morning Blues” by the great Bessie Smith. I have it on disc 37 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, but you could also get it on “Bessie Smith: The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1”. Ouch! There are five volumes in total! Hear the whole song on Deezer. No lyrics though, sorry.

3 thoughts on “767 – Frosty Morning Blues I”

  1. Hey, it looks as if you’re a couple of days closer to winter. Or better: as if winter already has reached your part of the world. Here it’s still a cozy 9 degrees Celsius – but the weatherforcast is -8 for the coming weekend… Brrr.

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