765 – Rest In Peace

Sunday I left home late, again around 3pm, with only one sunny hour left. I decided to make another foray into the southern neighborhood – and it was a wrong decision.

To the south of Villach, the river Gail runs from west to east along a chain of small hills. South of the river, parallel to it, is the highway, and then comes forest. I wanted to follow the river on its southern shore, but after crossing, I found that the few roads would all take me away from the river, towards the highway. The first image was taken shortly before I crossed below the highway.

On the southern side of the highway I followed a small road along the highway to the west, fully expecting that it would lead me either further south or after a while back below the highway and to the river. It only didn’t so. It lead on and on through the forest, following the highway, and then simply ended. Well, I left the car and made some forest images, one of them turned out to be the Image of the Day. Maybe no wrong decision after all.

The last image is another view of Mittagskogel, Villach’s prominent landmark to the south, at the border to Slovenia. I shot it after my return, from the bridge over river Gail.

The Song of the Day is “Rest In Peace” from the 1994 Stiltskin album “The Mind’s Eye“. Hear them live on YouTube.