755 – That Moment

That’s the view from my study, facing north-east. This morning I sat there, wrote yesterday’s blog entry, at times looking down on the street, waiting for the big red car of my father. He is a master carpenter, retired for 13 years now, and he is my big help these days. He is the one who knows when to do what, and how to do it.

The streak of sun down there is slightly … exaggerated, but it was there, if only that moment. I’ve seen it and it was the first and last sun today, followed by gloomy clouds and rain. There are days when I don’t mind working 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Ese Momento” from Mísia’s 2005 album “Drama Box”. Many people seem to have a problem with Fado, and if you feel like that (well, even more so if you don’t feel like that), I beg you to have a look at the video on YouTube. I should be surprised if you didn’t like it.

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