754 – Caught Between

That’s not yet the other side, not really. At the moment I’m somewhat caught between. I finally did the move yesterday, I slept here for the first time, I already have Internet, TV and phone, even the parcel delivery services seem to find the address, but what I had underestimated, was the sheer amount of things that had to be moved in the last minute. Thus the apartment that was already neat, with everything sorted in and in place, is now again full of paper bags that stand in my way and wait to occupy my day. Oh well.

This is the curtain of the living room, one of a sequence of images taken this night at 5am: f1.4, 1/2s at ISO 3200, handheld, converted with DxO on “High ISO” preset.

The Song of the Day is “Caught Between“, another one from Brian Eno’s 2005 album “Another Day on Earth”. Sorry, no sound samples, no videos, but it’s Eno! You know what to expect, and if not, why not hear the title track on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “754 – Caught Between”

  1. Hi Andreas,
    thank you for the song of the day. i have just heard it on you tube – absolutely what i need today! good luck for the apartment.
    sunny greetings

  2. Wow, it seems as if I missed something… Good luck with the move (I guess you’ve survived that by now) and with settling in!

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