747 – Starlight

It’s Thursday, I’m on the train to Carinthia, one day earlier than usual, and I’ll stay there for 10 days. It’s time now to finalize the move to Villach. The apartment is mostly ready, I guess some more days of work and then it’s over. Tomorrow, Friday, will be one of those dreadful shopping days. I have a big list of many tiny things that we found missing last weekend. This time it will be one rush and … well, hopefully 🙂

The first image for today is of dried and painted poppies, for sale as decoration in a flower shop that I pass almost every day, at least when I’m not forced to take the Underground, either by rain or by my hurry.

The other two images were taken through a shop’s window. This is a shop that sells exotic furniture, mostly Asian, and the shop is decorated with lots of colorful lamps in the form of stars. Most hang from the ceiling, one red star is positioned inside of a cabinet. That’s what you see in the Image of the Day.

The Song of the Day is “Stella By Starlight“, interpreted by the great Anita O’Day. I have it on her 1957 album “Anita Sings the Most” and on a live collection titled “Summertime”. The latter has the more interesting version, but unfortunately I can’t find it online.

Anyway. See her perform “Stella By Starlight” on YouTube, and when you are already at it, why not see another video, live from Newport 1958. Wow, she is simply breathtaking!

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