746 – Full Moon And Empty Hearts

I’m again a little late. It’s 5am, Thursday morning, these are the images of Tuesday. I left work at 4:30pm, but since we have switched from daylight saving time last Sunday night, it’s dark time of the year again.

The first image is actually a morning image. I really can’t get enough of these bicycles, and this is a particularly twisted pose. This was one safe bet for an Image of the Day, and that’s something I really like: knowing there is something to fall back. I gives me a certain peace of mind that can again spark creativity.

The second image is actually an old acquaintance. I remember having used this tattered mannequin in Neubaugasse at least three times now. I like the shop, it always displays nice colors for gray winter evenings.

I don’t know if the Image of the Day would have been Image of the Day without the title. Searching for a song fitting one of the three images, I looked at this empty space, searched for the word “empty”, and when I found “Full Moon And Empty Arms” on an obscure Mina album called “Summertime” (that I can’t find online, even in the discography on her very own site) I first mis-read it as “Full Moon And Empty Hearts” – and fell in love. Later, when I found out about my mistake, I decided to keep it at that.

“Full Moon and Empty Arms” is a 1945 popular song by Buddy Kaye and Ted Mossman, best-known in its rendition by Frank Sinatra and based on Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2. Mina’s recording is from an 1964 album “Americana“, and to hear a one minute sample, please go to her own site, enter “full moon” in the search field atop, and then click “Play audio”. You’ll need a Quicktime plugin to do so.

2 thoughts on “746 – Full Moon And Empty Hearts”

  1. good composition in terms of shapes and colors. I love the tilt that you use to arrange the subjects and the shallow DoF

  2. I’m thinking that the bizarre mannequin in the window is tugging most at my wonderings. I like the poetry of every part of that image Andreas, particularly the shadows. It has to be set aside for your next book.

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