745 – We Belong Together

These are the images of yesterday, Monday. Seems like bicycle day again 🙂

The first image was shot in the morning very near work. I see this tattered bicycle frequently, always fastened to the same sign post, but normally I am so in a hurry that I don’t care to take a picture. Let’s call this the Clean Image of the Day.

All the other images were shot in the afternoon, on my way home. I had left work early because I needed something done by another department, and I knew I would not get it before late in the afternoon. In fact, when I arrived home, I found a mail sent at 4:30pm, telling me that the job had been finished 🙂

All afternoon images were shot within a radius of maybe 500 meters and within 20 minutes. I love these moments of passion, devotion and concentration.

I am not really sure about the second image. I had stood there, photographing the fallen bicycle, the corner, the graffiti, taking a series of images, some with, some without people, and while I have a perfect image without, I really like this one. Yes, it is a little tight, feels a little crammed, but somehow … I’m not sure. Let’s call it the Busy Image of the Day.

I have my camera back, and most of all, I have my Sigma 50/1.4 back. I love the wonderful bokeh of this lens. I made some variations of number three, with more or less people in the background, and finally I settled with this.

All four of these images were on my list for the Image of the Day, finally the pair of bicycles turned out to be it. It was chosen. Not by me. It was chosen by the Song of the Day. It’s the Ritchie Valens classic “We Belong Together“, for the 1987 movie “La Bamba” interpreted by Los Lobos. Hear it on YouTube.

By the way: the right bicycle is a Puch, but what is the left one? Any idea?

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