742 – Same To You

This is one for Ted Byrne. Not much art on my side here and nothing about DxO either. The review continues as soon as I have it installed here in Carinthia (it’s a pain over my slow and not very reliable connection), or otherwise am back in Vienna. Have a nice weekend.

The Song of the Day is “Oh, How The Ghost Sings” from the 1981 Lester Bowie album “The Great Pretender”. No video, of course, but the sound sample at Amazon will give you an idea 🙂

4 thoughts on “742 – Same To You”

  1. Yessss…. it’s delightful. Tabletops are like choreographing little dances or jazz riffs. You ought to do more of them. I’d like to see what you can do on the train’s tray in the light from the window and how you’ll pull out productions in PP. Of course all the other passengers will think you are an eccentric…. But that’s a good thing, right.

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