737 – Take Me Home Country Road

Today was a sunny Sunday. I was out taking photographs for about an hour, and although the idea was originally to make typical autumn landscape images, in the end, whatever I did, I did not like the colors, they always looked banal and I decided to convert this image to B&W with a rich, brown toning.

I have only one one version of the Song of the Day, “Take Me Home Country Road“, and that’s by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole on the 1993 release “Facing Future“. Hear it on YouTube 🙂

2 thoughts on “737 – Take Me Home Country Road”

  1. Removing the colour works well in this image. Colour would be a distraction from the real subject matter, the road and those fascinating shadows pulling me into the scene. Great interpretation.

  2. Yeah, the shadows. This is a place that I really like, although I believe it never featured in an Image of the Day so far. When I drove along yesterday and saw the shadows, I knew that I had to pull over to the left and stop immediately. Sometimes I’m pretty grateful that there is not much traffic 🙂

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