734 – Fall Like Rain

Thursday was gloomy in the morning, and in the night when I left work it poured like mad. I had stayed a little longer in the hope it would stop, but it got only worse. One more time of shooting from under an umbrella.

The second image suffers from a weak composition, but I liked the red umbrella, and when I had decided on composition, the subjects were gone. People! Can’t they hold their stance until my work is done? 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Fall Like Rain” from Eric Clapton’s 1998 album “Pilgrim“, one of his weaker albums. But judge for yourself on Deezer.

4 thoughts on “734 – Fall Like Rain”

  1. Two more great shots Andreas! I really like the red umbrella shot like it is but if you really want to comply with traditional thinking about composition you could crop out some of the foreground and the blue wall on the right (to me the story here is red, yellow and green)!

  2. A very intriguing shot Andreas.

    This shot has wonderful rich dark tones and the image itself leads you to ponder the story about this iamge.

    Niels Henriksen

  3. Well, I’ve really tried hard 🙂

    It’s a tad more post-processing than usually, but I like it. Thanks.

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