733 – Blue House

This is a house in Vienna’s Lerchenfelder Stra├če, and composing this image was more than awkward. What made me try it was the red accent of the flowers. Immediately above there was white, bright sky, just to the right of the flowers a “For Sale” sign, and my position was restricted because I couldn’t possibly stand in the middle of the street. Apart from that I had the Sigma 50/1.4 mounted and did not want to change for one shot. Under these circumstances I am quite satisfied ­čÖé

The Song of the Day is “Blue House” from Marcia Ball’s 1994 album of the same name. The Rolling Stone has a review of the album. Sorry, no lyrics. Rhapsody has a Marcia Ball page, but it is US only. I suppose you could hear it there. For the lesser among us there is always the sample on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “733 – Blue House”

  1. This image really got my attention and held it for some time. I think its the combination of line and the simple colour palette – that little splash of red in the corner makes the image. I also think the square crop is perfect. A great start to your third year of posting.

  2. Yeah, the square crop also works for me. Although I have to admit, that the swinging blue lines capture my attention so profoundly that I would even consider cropping away the red colors…

    Hey, what do you expect? I’m just a german barbar!

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