732 – Happy Birthday II

Another year round! These are two images from Tuesday, the actual birthday, and I’d like to thank all my readers. Some of you have been with me almost from the beginning, some for a long time, and some have joined only lately. I hope this will go on and you will continue to come in for some visual food.

Janine was so kind as to give me a present, a funny, crazy birthday bicycle found in Amsterdam. Can you imagine a bicycle jumping with excitement?? Head over to her blog to find out 🙂

The Song of the Day is again Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday“, originally on the 1980 release “Hotter Than July“. The video on YouTube that I’ve linked to last year has been removed, another one is not available in my country (Gosh, this industry is so stupid!) but of course there are countless other versions like this concert video.

4 thoughts on “732 – Happy Birthday II”

  1. A very Happy Birthday Andreas:
    You have had a good series of images lately and I enjoy them all.

    I just don’t know how you are able to keep getting a picture a day and now for 2 years.

    It sure demonstrates your passion for Photography.

    Niels Henriksen

  2. Hi Andreas,

    Where has the year gone???? It seems like just yesterday when you celebrated the FIRST birthday of your blog.

    I’m thoroughly amazed that you’ve managed to post an image a day for two years. It’s true dedication and you’ve inspired me with you passion and with the quality of your photography.

    Looking forward to seeing all that you do in another year — and looking forward to seeing you in Savannah, GA USA in 2009!!

  3. Congratulations Andreas. I continue to be amazed that you are able to post not only with such regularity but such consistently high quality images. Truly inspirational.

  4. Andreas, Happy Birthday and thanks for the gifts of your images every day. I too am amazed and inspired at your consistent and beautiful images. Much joy in the coming year.
    Mike H

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