Oct 122008

This weekend I came to Carinthia one day earlier, not for fun but for work. You can only get done so much on Saturdays, and this weekend we needed to buy a lot of things. Thus I spent the whole Friday – and it was a wonderful, sunny day – in shopping malls. Nine hours of shopping! Some people seem to enjoy it, at least that’s what the advertising for those shopping centers tells, but – honestly – I don’t.

Both of today’s images were shot within some minutes at and shortly after sundown. The Image of the Day is the wall of the last shop that I visited. I came out and imediately saw that I had only about two or three minutes of golden light left, certainly not enough to go for any other place. I took some architectural shots, this is the best of them.

The other image, well, that’s how the day ended after nine hours of shopping. Fitting, in a way.

The Song of the Day is “End Of The Day” from Beck’s 2002 album “Sea Change“. Hear him perform live on YouTube.

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