726 – City Of Gold

Here we are with the images of Wednesday. Not much shooting, not many results, you may guess that my mind was preoccupied with other concerns. The Image of the Day is a morning image, a rather abstract architectural detail, and the flowers are from another flower shop. They were the last image that I shot on Wednesday, only meters from the shop where I then bought the new computer.

City Of Gold“, the Song of the Day, was written by Bob Dylan, and on the Soundtrack of his 2004 movie “Masked & Anonymous” it was interpreted by the Dixie Hummingbirds, who also have it on their 2003 album “Diamond Jubilation: 75th Anniversary“. Hear a sample on last.fm.

One thought on “726 – City Of Gold”

  1. Whoa! This is arresting. Shape, texture, palette, composition…. all suggest something mildly erotic. On the other hand, I always wonder about commentators and critics who see things sexual in an abstract. One wonders who brings what to the image, eh?

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