725 – Who By Fire

In a comment to “723 – The Morning Fog III” Deb jokingly remarked that the image was not tilted. Interestingly enough it was, although only slightly and to fight an optical illusion that would have made a perfectly straight horizon look like running out. You know what I mean, the variant that looks accidental.

Well, the tilt is back and with a vengeance. These are images from Tuesday, the day my computer died. Yesterday I had almost posted them unprocessed, but now that I see them after some Photoshop work, I am glad I didn’t.

At the moment I’m on the train to Carinthia, having processed eight images in the last four hours, and now I’m beginning to catch up on the blog entries. The titles are found, the music clips as well, thus you’ll get two more entries tonight.

What’s the state of affairs? Well, the new computer is up and running, but this morning I’ve taken the new terabyte drive out once more. It is now in my bag to be filled in Carinthia. There is still no Photoshop, IMatch image database or any image related software on the new computer. This will eat up my evenings when I return to Vienna.

The Song of the Day is “Who By Fire“, originally from the 1974 Leonard Cohen album “New Skin for the Old Ceremony“, but the version that I want you to see so badly is from a TV show in the late 1980s. Head over to YouTube and see and hear a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

… time passes …

You know, some days are better than others – and some plainly suck. Trying to get my eight images from the laptop to the desktop computer I found that WiFi failed for whatever reason, my portable hard drive is still in Vienna and my CF card seems to have died as well. Talk about a series 🙂

Sorry, it’s 2am now, no more posts today, I am too tired. See you tomorrow with hopefully at least two posts.

One thought on “725 – Who By Fire”

  1. I MUCH prefer numbers 2 and 3 of this series and regret that they were not held to be presented as images of the day. The second is a masterpiece of palette presented with your signature tilt. The blue corner bookmarks which contain and constrain the gold/yellow middle is a terrific warm/cool accomplishment.

    And Number three is fiery hot. The seamless way you have captured an impossible pallet through ingenious PP is in itself a lesson for a workshop for which you should be paid a bundle of whatever currency remains valuable after we all jump this present financial chasm.

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