2 thoughts on “717 – Flametop Green”

  1. You have inspired me to take pictures of bicycles. I have, and no matter what I do, mine do not resonate.

    It’s not that I feel competitive, merely, as I said, inspired. But usually inspiration encourages me. But what you are doing is way beyond bikes as still life. You are finding something more here in your emanations.

    Have you ever tried to break down the secret to say, a great comedian. Especially one that does life style humor as opposed to jokes? You know there’s a pattern, a secret, a mechanism. After all he’s got a style, and he’s a type. Yet the secret is unbreakable even se he makes you laugh every time.

    I’m suspecting your talent is analogous to that. It so far defies my analysis. And I’ve not been able to fine my own with this subject. It is VERY impressive Andreas. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks 🙂

    Hmm … I do bicycles for a very long time now, I see them all the time, I have accepted them as a fully respectable subject and I put time into that. I look at them just as you would look at people. They have character. They pose. They can be casual, they can show off. They have scars, they have histories. All that does not come without quite some involvement on my side and that did not emerge all by itself.

    I guess I could make images in your style (or anyone’s), but it would take me a long, long time, and it still would not be perfect. So, why do it at all? They wouldn’t even be mine!

    And most of all: they would not be good. They could not. Never, because in order to emulate your style I would have to try to sneak into your soul – and lose mine 🙂

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