Sep 282008

I am in Carinthia now and yesterday was all work, no single image made. It is Sunday, September 28, election day in Austria, and before I’ll go voting, I have to make something up for yesterday. Why not look a year back? Well, I did, but a year ago was another day when I had trouble coming up with something usable. I tried processing some of the shots but my imagination failed me.

Another year back I found what I was looking for. I may have posted this image on the Radiant Vista, but it never was an Image of the Day, because this was shortly before I began the blog. It’s a bit of a cheat, but I guess this image was worth resurrecting.

The Song of the Day is “Double Crossing Time” from the 1966 album “John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton“. Hear it on YouTube.

  3 Responses to “715 – Double Crossing Time”

  1. Oh yeah, it was definately worth resurrecting! How many metaphors one could build on that shot…

    Good luck with the election!

  2. WTF… I just took a look at the results of “your” election. Scary.

  3. Wonderful clear composition. resurrection in connotation with a cross is a nice pun, too. This one is working for me in a wonderful way, shapes, tones, the contrast of opacity and clear view strike quite a number of different chords.

    Oh yes, and from my side too heartfelt condolences on the election results. The cross may have been a wisely chosen subject in this context, too.

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