713 – When You Got A Good Friend

I’m still shooting B&W images at ISO 6400, and this is one of them. Not that the B&W JPEG was bad, but I decided to try working on it in color, just to see where I get. Well, that’s one of the advantages of shooting RAW. Whatever you set your camera to, the RAW file is still raw sensor data, and of course all color information is still there.

The result: just as with yesterday’s images there is nothing wrong with this. At ISO 6400 a color image certainly needs some work to look this good, but it is no problem either. Verdict: ISO 6400 is usable as well, at least in good light. Night shots definitely deteriorate easier.

The Song of the Day is “When You Got A Good Friend” by Robert Johnson. Now, looking at the lyrics, I see that this probably does not describe exactly what the relationship between Erich and me is, but, oh well 🙂

I have the Robert Johnson original on disc 47 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“. Hear it on YouTube.