710 – Dirty From The Rain

Oh my, back to Vienna and it continues with rain. Here’s an image that I shot with the Sigma 20/1.8. Fabulous lens. A wide-angle macro lens with wonderful bokeh.

Hmm … Nikon did not exactly perform as expected this Photokina, did they? Countering Canon’s 5D MkII with a new 50/1.4, to be delivered in December? What do they think??

On the other hand, that’s great. Were I a Canon shooter, I’d have to ponder about the new 5D and how to rectify an expenditure of €2700. Meanwhile I see the Nikon D700, introduced at exactly that price point only two months ago, plummeting down to €2180. Hmm … this weird lens on an FX camera? Would be nice 🙂

The sticker on the lamppost is an ad for a Viennese band called “Forbidden Area“. I don’t know them and can’t comment on their music.

The Song of the Day is “Dirty From The Rain” from the 2000 Giant Sand album “Chore of Enchantment“. Amazon has no sound samples for the CD, but they have one for the MP3 download. It’s an unlucky cut, but you’ll get the idea.

2 thoughts on “710 – Dirty From The Rain”

  1. Andreas – Great photography as always. I have been impressed with your work for some time. Being a Canon “shooter” the price you mentioned for the 5D MKII caught my eye and I can only say that the current price for a 5D MKII body in the US is $2700 or 1800 Euros. Check http://www.BHphoto.com and they do ship internationally. Even when adding customs duties it should be worth it.

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