709 – When The Leaves Come Falling Down

This is the third Image of the Day that I post today, I’m on the train to Vienna again and have finally caught up. Sunday. I did not do an awful lot besides working on images and writing blog entries.

I had wanted to go swiming once again, but when I finally could rouse myself to even consider going out, it was already 4pm, not really sunny any more, and it already began to get cooler. I decided to stay home.

Earlier that day, while having breakfast on the terrace, I had seen an interesting leaf, thus I mounted the Sigma 70/2.8 and tried four different arrangements of leaves, flowers and an apple. These are the two that I liked most.

The Song of the Day is “When The Leaves Come Falling Down” from Van Morrison’s 1999 album “Back on Top“. See him perform live on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “709 – When The Leaves Come Falling Down”

  1. Stunning colours and great use of shallow depth of field. I’m in denial about the end of summer but the reminders are everywhere. Of course fall is a beautiful time of year but it’s what follows it that concerns me.
    Great choice of music as well.

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