707 – When The Postman Comes

I’m late again. The apartment in Villach is far from ready, there is … hmm .. half a kitchen now, part of the book shelves, parts here, parts there, a lot of work and I have not much time to spare for photography. These are the images for Friday. I had taken a day off, intending to take an early train.

These images were shot while still in Vienna. There is a big club/bar in Neubaugasse, “Stylez”, that is all red and orange with some black, and as I stood there, I experimented with focusing near, using various foregrounds and angles on the bar.

The Song of the Day is not exactly a song, it’s a serenade by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, called “Posthorn Serenade”. I have it on disc 7 of volume 3 of Mozart’s “Complete Works“, a 170 CD box, digitally recorded, partly by second tier orchestras, but nevertheless quite OK. In any case it’s a fine reference, and even more so for the price of €99 that I’ve paid. Amazon sells it quite expensively, so I’d try an alternative source from their marketplace, where you get it new for $117 at the moment.