704 – It’s In The Rain

Today I have seen images of hurricane Ike on The Big Picture. No, I won’t complain about the weather. There’s worse than what rain we have. It rains at the moment, but it is supposed to stop in the night or at least tomorrow.

I still use the 50/1.8, I still photograph from under the umbrella, and when everything else fails, I can always play the old color game. A blue car, a yellow/orange shop, that’s it for today.

The Song of the Day is “It’s In The Rain” from Enya’s 2005 album “Amarantine“. See the video on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “704 – It’s In The Rain”

  1. Andreas:

    This is one of the finest images I have seen to date. I do have a special love of abstract. I like how the contrasting colours play of each other and the different patterns in the orange, somewhat downward and the horizontal in the blue. Great capture


  2. Thanks. Actually I like it as well. It puts some color into a rainy day. By now it has stopped raining, just as predicted, but it is awfully cold. 8 centigrades this morning, that’s down by 20 from Thursday afternoon when all Vienna was swimming 🙂

  3. That was a great link to the pictures of Ike. I also really like your picture for the day. I’ve become something of a DoF fanatic lately.

    Now I just need a lens that can do this for me…

  4. Well, actually this was done with a $120 lens, the Nikon 50/1.8D. The secret is only to shoot wide open (f1.8 here) and focus very near, here approximately the nearest focus distance, something about 40cm. Then you only need a bright, colored background that’s far away.

    I stood in front of a car, focused at the door frame on my side and shot straight over the blue car onto a shop on the other side of the street. No magic.

  5. May I chime in? That’s a really gorgeous abstract! Ted can certainly use it as an argument when he’s discussing the role of color in modern photography next time 😉

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