703 – Complicated Relations

Monday began with a light drizzle, just enough that I felt compelled to take out my umbrella, but not enough that I used the rain cover on my LowePro backpack. From then on it went only down 🙂

Having been in a hurry in the morning, I was in the bad position to not have a single usable image, and when I left work in the afternoon, it was broodingly dark with heavy rain.

In such cases I sometimes go home and shoot some Chess or Go pieces (or both), but most of the time I try to get something anyway. So I did this Monday afternoon.

It’s funny how conditioned we are. All the time we hear that a rainy day is “Bad Weather”, but of course this is not entirely true, at least not when you go photographing. In fact, there is a lot to like in rainy days. Well, at least I tell myself so, because it’s predicted to go on that way for the rest of the week 🙂

When walking around under an umbrella, it is convenient to use a physically short, light lens, thus I mounted the Nikon 50/1.8 before leaving work. I like that cheap lens. It is of high quality, sharp as a razor and easily the best value for any photographer.

When shooting in rain, it is always a good idea to consider a polarizer, because it gives you the opportunity to cut out much of the glare, but in this case I wanted to show off the rain, thus a polarizer would have been counterproductive and it would have been much more prone to catch rain drops than the recessed front element of the 50/1.8.

I finally settled with the last image that I shot on my 20 minutes walk around six blocks: the jumble of bicycles, a complication of eight ellipses.

The Song of the Day is “Why So Complicated?” from San Francisco based Jazz pianist and Afro-Cuban band leader Omar Sosa’s 2000 album “Prietos“. I have no lyrics and the sound sample does not prove it, but the only line sung is the title anyway.

3 thoughts on “703 – Complicated Relations”

  1. I like this image because you are not sure if the person just placed the bike on the other or it fell down and lifted the tire of the other. In fact it creates some tension in the image especially since the newer stronger and flashier bike seems to be dominant over the older bike, like in the animal kingdom (It does help to have a strange imagination)

    I have enjoyed now for a while all the images you have of bicycles. This is one of the reasons I did my little series and I knew there might be a few who would appreciate the subject.


  2. I just love the colors in this one, and the glossy surface sheen.

    Then I notice that wonderful leading line — the implied motion/story — in an S-curve but back to front!

    This is just one of my favorites from you to-date; a pleasure to view.

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