Sep 122008

Yesterday I was swimming, and most probably it was for the last time this year, at least in Vienna. The bath closes on Sunday, and weather is forecast to omit fall this year anyway. We’ll see.

The Image of the Day was shot using the trusty old Sigma 30/1.4. This lens really can’t be said to have a nice bokeh when stopped down (much to the contrary, wide open naturally it has), but on the other hand, at f8 it produces very nice sun stars 🙂

The other image is one of some smearing, I won’t even call it graffiti, on a house wall that may have seen better times. Still, looks good to me.

The Song of the Day is “Summer’s Almost Gone” from the 1968 Doors album “Waiting for the Sun“. We already had it a year ago for “344 – Summer’s Almost Gone“. Hear it on YouTube.

  One Response to “699 – Summer’s Almost Gone II”

  1. Yes, summer is gone… But you show a beautiful photo to remember. Have a nice weekend!

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