697 – These Are The Days

Is this really necessary? Eight pictures in one post???

Oh dear, what can I say? Sometimes it simply flows. You know that feeling: these are days when everything comes together …

… days when nothing seems impossible. These are days when you feel with all your senses how you live. These are days when you go out in the morning and see the pillows hanging out of the windows high above.

These are days when the sun shines and you walk along in awe. Days when you don’t look straight like all people do. These are the days when you look up into the sky, right where no one looks, days when the old looks new …

… and when you see people everywhere. Don’t get that wrong: they are there all the time, and most of the time you don’t see them, but these are the days when everything falls into its place, …

… the days when funny meets fair and even an old coffee cup on the street has its show.

These are days of wonder and joy, blessed days to remember.

These are days when everything is color, even if it’s gray. It does not happen all the time, you’ve got to be thankful 🙂

The Song of the Day is “These Are Days” from the 1993 “MTV Live” album of the 10000 Maniacs.

I have not found a video of the MTV session, but what I’ve found is not to be sneezed at either: Natalie Merchant, ex-singer of the 10000 Maniacs performing live in 1999. Nice brass section 🙂


4 thoughts on “697 – These Are The Days”

  1. What a joy! These days are very especial and your photos give a good feeling of this! On the top I have a little present for you, brought it from my trip to “Westerwald” last weekend! Have a look at my post from today. Sunny greetings

  2. left or right eye?

    It’s a pleasure to see you “see” and after getting home and to a decent line I will for sure have a look at all the images you included.

    Those days you describe, that’s what I have the word “flow” for – a state where suddenly everything fits and I seem to have wings, regardless what I’m doing: making pictures, programming, assembling pieces of furniture. Ah – it only happens too rarely…

  3. Some days, the light has a different quality. Neither in the air or in the eye. And both at the same time, makes them even more special.
    Have another lightening day.

    As always enjoying the pictures.

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