696 – Back To The City

After a week of toiling in Carinthia I’m back to Vienna. It’s interesting to be on the streets again. One would think that a mere week can’t possibly make a difference, but, believe me, it can.

On my way to or from work I don’t have tons of time either, no, time is not what makes the difference. It’s the wild variety, some would say the chaos of the big city.

Unfortunately the joy was marred by the fact that I had some problem with my right contact lens. I had probably got something into the eye, it happens at times, especially with wind on the streets, and normally this goes away all by itself. This time I may not have had enough sleep the night before (which makes the eyes rather dry), or it may just have been bad luck, whatever, instead of stopping it got worse. I finally had to leave work early.

When I came out into the streets, it did not exactly help. The wind made the pain unbearable, and I had to go to an optician to buy a lens case and some lens fluid. I removed the right lens, stowed it away and then went home.

It’s funny, just at that day I had read an article about the “leading eye” and how many left-eyed photographers are trained to use their right eye (sorry, can’t remember where, it was a link on some of the 80+ sites that I currently follow, but not one of those sites itself). Now, my leading eye is the right, the one that was now practically useless, or maybe I should say blind at 7.5 diopters. Thus all the images that you see here were shot left-eyed 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Old Red Eyes Is Back” from the 1992 Beautiful South album “0898“. See the video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “696 – Back To The City”

  1. Andreas, I guess I am not the only one who could make use of your not-leading-eye, at least from time to time 😉
    The image is convincing in terms of subject, tight framing and postprocessing – I guess the colors in the shadow appreciated your help. So give your right eye a rest end develop the potential of your left eye, or as a german PR for the 2nd TV programme says: “With the 2nd eye you do see better”

  2. What can I say; it’s more than perfect. Wow, the colors, the curves….. It’s my dream to make such images, once.
    Maybe I should try my other eye, next time. 😉

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