691 – Electric Ladyland VIII

I spent all of Wednesday hurrying between Klagenfurt and Villach, transporting things, coordinating work, buying furniture, well, you don’t want to know. I had already given up hope for an image, when on my return from Villach, minutes before sunset, the clouds in the west cleared and gave way to bright golden light. Normally you’d be glad about it, but while on the highway, busy driving? I had to get off and up some high place, for one of the hills north of Wörthersee.

Off the highway I got, but it was simply too late. Faced with a sun that had already vanished in murky clouds, I gave up, parked the car and in desperation made some photos of a tree and some power lines against the last of the red. Well, what finally made it is the product of more than a little Photoshop enhancement, but to my surprise it turne out quite well.

As always in this series: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

3 thoughts on “691 – Electric Ladyland VIII”

  1. The multiple find the edges effect is an terrific invention. It makes the image.
    Have a good time in your new house at Villach. (it’s Carinthië too, huh?) That it may become a home for you.

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